Hydraulic hammer chisel tip made more durable

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It's 2 years since we started trying to understand if our bars could be an alternative for these applications. First we contacted some OEM's like Indeco but they have invested heavily in heat treatment equipments for chisels and are reluctant to change. Now we are trying again with HWP Giorgio Novara. This channel will hopefully allow us to know in detail what's the final user experience like
First test has been very sucessful. There is though a lot of work to do. first of all, understanding why it went so well this time. 

Lifetime of the first chisel made of Tx44 has been 70% better than usual (Heat Treated 42CrMo14
). The chisel cracked due to fatigue, with initiation point at a scratch in the surface. Nitriding might delay this effect

Cliente final
Canteras y arena
Materia prima procesada
Pieza de desgaste
0 – 250 °C / 32 – 480 °F
Tamaño del material procesado
10 – 300 mm / 0,4 – 12.0"
Nueva solución
Toolox 44
Factores clave para el éxito